What is Koalapocalypse?
Koalapocalypse was formed in 2008 from ex-hardcore raiders from The Burning Crusade. Most Koala members are in their 20s and 30s with a few exceptions. Because of our adult orientated content, we do not allow people under the age of 18 in the guild, barring special circumstances. We enjoy more of the social aspects of the game, but enjoy raiding on a semi-casual level as well. We don't raid a hardcore schedule, but work together toward a goal of completing as much content as we can. We run multiple 10-man raiding teams through the week, generally about 3 hours per session, and get in as much content in as we can, but also enjoy guild chatter and having fun outside of raids. We don't strive to be the best on the server, but we do strive to be the best that we can possibly be.
Who is Koalapocalypse?
Dunka - Guild Master
Cyklone - Officer
Kyna - Officer
Sesiac - Officer
Sparkwul - Officer
Kataeri - Honorary Officer
Aeki - Founder
Cobie - Founder
Gravedigga - Founder
Morrigen - Founder
Nykka - Founder
And a cast of THOUSANDS!! (Okay, more like hundreds)
Why Koalapocalypse?
Koalapocalypse values the title of being a causal raiding guild. We don't have the top geared people on the server and that doesn't bother us. We run a light schedule, get in what we can, and have a good time doing it. We bullshit a lot, have fun, and try our best. Drama is unavoidable, even in the most casual of situations, but we try to get avoid it if possible. If you are looking for a light, but effecient, schedule to have fun with good people, then maybe you may want to consider being a Koala.
How to apply to Koalapocalypse?
Click here to fill out an app! Make sure to fill it out in full, or else it may not be approved.
We really don't have a lot of rules. Don't be an asshole on the server. If you are caught spamming in trade chat, trolling around and giving people a hard time, or acting up in pug raids or dungeons, don't expect to stay in the guild long. The officer core handles things professionally, but we are a bunch of laid back bastages who like to have a good time. Don't make the officers have to do something that they really don't want to do. For guild bank access, an authenticator is REQUIRED. Otherwise, we don't have a lot of other rules outside of raiding rules placed by the raid leaders. Just sit back, have fun, and enjoy the ride.
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